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Why Is the IRS Auditing Your Tax Return?

The IRS may audit your tax return for many reasons. If your return is audited, it's often beneficial to work with a tax professional to ensure optimal resolution and peace of mind.

Missed the Tax Deadline? Here's What to Do!

Even if you missed the tax filing deadline, you still have options!

The Importance of Making Estimated Tax Payments

Making appropriate estimated tax payments will ensure that you aren't hit with an underpayment penalty!

Can I Deduct Charitable Contributions on My Taxes?

If you donate to charity and want to deduct those donations on your taxes, make sure you know the rules going in. Our team can help!

Get Up to Speed With New 2018 Tax Brackets

2018 brings in several changes related to federal tax brackets. Overall, rates are lower and income caps are higher.

Know Your Rights Regarding Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

If your partner makes an accidental or intentional error on your joint tax return, you may be able to avoid tax penalties via innocent spouse relief.

Head of Household Explained

Claiming head of household could qualify you for significant tax savings!

Go Green and Save Green With the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit!

Care for the environment and your bank account when you buy an electric vehicle by claiming the Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit on your taxes!

Modified Adjusted Gross Income Explained

Learn how your MAGI can impact your tax return!

What Happens If You Don't File Your Tax Return?

Read on to learn about the consequences of not filing your return.

Follow These Tips to Avoid Tax Penalties

Some tax penalties are easy to avoid. Read on to learn how!

Public Employees Can Maximize Their Business Expense Deductions as Charitable Contributions

If you're a public employee with out-of-pocket business expenses, you may be able to maximize your deductions by including those expenses as charitable contributions on your tax return.

One Common Cause of Tax Problems: Securities Sold at No Profit

It's important to report all stock and security sales to avoid potential tax issues.

Common Tax Issues Related to Mortgage Interest

Mortgage interest can be deducted on your tax return, but be aware of these common problems.

Renting Out Part of Your Home: How It Impacts Your Taxes

You can deduct expenses related to the rental portion of your property.

Know Your Options for Receiving Your Refund

The IRS provides a variety of options for receiving your tax refund!

Telecommuters Are Eligible for IRS Tax Deductions

People who telecommute can claim a variety of work-related tax deductions!

Tax Reminder for Small Businesses

Keep all employee tax records for no less than four years!

Tax Planning Helps You Save Big

Make sure you're making the most out of tax deductions, exemptions, and exclusions by planning ahead!

How Does Bad Credit Impact Your Taxes?

Credit issues can lead to worsening tax problems. Here’s how to nip those issues in the bud.

What to Do When You Receive an IRS Audit Notice

Don't panic! We can help you find a way forward with expert audit defense.

Taxes Are a Key Consideration When Buying a Starter Home

Are you in a financial position to buy your first home? Our tax experts are here to help!

The IRS Offers Two Tax Credits for Education

Lower your tax liability by applying educational credits to your account.

What's the Difference Between a Lien and a Levy?

Tax liens and levies exist to encourage repayment of back tax debts.

How to Proceed Following the Death of a Taxpayer

The IRS expects tax paperwork to be filed for deceased individuals.

Are You Eligible for an Offer in Compromise?

This tax settlement can greatly ease your tax burden, but you'll need a professional to help negotiate it.

Servers: Check Out These Tips on Managing Your Tips

Careful record keeping will come in handy at tax time.

There's No Time Like the Present to Stop Wage Garnishment

If the IRS is withholding your wages to cover unpaid taxes, we can help.

Payroll Tax Relief for Business Owners

Prompt, professional attention will make your tax problems a thing of the past.

How to Claim Vehicle Donation Deductions on Your Tax Return

In most cases, your deduction is less than the FMV of the vehicle.

Still Battling Last Year's Tax Penalties? Get the Help You Need in Elgin

We're the local area's choice for knowledgeable and skilled tax penalty abatement services.

What is the difference between a Federal Tax Lien and a Levy?

A federal tax lien is the United States government's legal claim to your property

Pflugerville's Choice for Skilled Tax Audit Representation

With our professionals as your tax help team, an audit by the IRS doesn't have to be overwhelming.

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